Deadly serious

Your company-meeting should not be deadly serious!


Guided Beer-Dinners

Narrated Beer-Events

Be sure, with beer as a special item on your party, you will have flowing communication and a unique event. Look forward to the good review of your guests.

Beer is a great reason to come together – in an easy way. It’s a good basis, to bring people together, in business items as well. Beer is not just beer. There are millions of types, just as facts and stories that come along with this special beverage. There is so much to know about it. Furthermore the opinion that beer is a masculine drink is out-of-date. Beer is ladylike too!

Especially the “Craft-beer” scene is well made for presenting beer themes and beer-tastings. Full of character and very different are the professionals showing off their specialty. You get expert knowledge from certified “beer sommeliers”. We are organizing the whole event for you so… Let it flow.

Ready for a beer?