Elisabeth Brandl

Servus and Hello,

I am Elisabeth. Senior Wedding-Planner, Eventcoach and an expert in creating events. Vienna is my home and I am thankful to stay in the most liveable city of the world.

The many years of apprenticeship in the event management have given me the great gift of the facility, the joy and one thing that can’t be explained by facts. My co-workers and clients just call it: “the flow”. It runs like a clockwork or literally translated from the Viennese “It runs like on the string”.

To establish the best conditions and connections between humans in a regardful and gentle way: That’s my passion. In whatever place you may be in your event. In the fore. Behind. Or right in the middle…Create a space, do the necessary, to produce the special. Focused on your business destinations.

Exceptionally different. Just superior.

That’s the plan. I love a plan that succeds. You too?


A deep respect for two people connecting for a part of their lifes is my reason to be a wedding planner. To find the courage to say YES to each other in a clear and explicit way. give each other an explicit yes. One of the most beautiful and noblest reasons, to create a revel celebration. These stories are over and over the reason for me to be deeply touched – and even more with every delightful wedding. In this way arises the creativity and sensuality that I may wish every couple if it matches between us. This is the material your wedding is made of. Your big day.

I really like to be involved in your love story. What about you?

Life is just a bowl of cherries. Let’s celebrate it together.


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