Andersrum ist nicht verkehrt in Mariahilf.

Crouch if you love otherwise.
That was still normal in 2005 when it came to being gay, lesbian, queer, being different in public space in Vienna. Ignorance and uncertainty on many sides. That's exactly what two (then) young guys decided to change and without further ado courageously planted the topic in the middle of the city.

The beginning
Markus Rumelhart, today the district manager of Mariahilf, and Ing. Manfred Knopfhart, the office manager there, are the spiritual fathers of the small street festival, who were also active in the early days as a craftsman the donkeys. And it was fun too." Courage and effort were rewarded.

Grown from XXS to XXL, this festival is a cult of the LGBTQ community and a friendly bridge for openness and tolerance in Vienna. Celebrate life together. No matter how and who you love. That's what this festival is for.

We combine NGOs, associations, residents, the stage and business to create a cheerful work of art.

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